Reiki Seedling Sale

New for 2022! StayWonderfull is excited to give customers the opportunity to purchase home-grown tomato and pepper seedlings that have been nurtured with love, reiki, and crystal energies. Last year we decided to use reiki and crystal energies on many of our plants that we started from seed indoors. We conducted our own little experiment where we started a batch of seedlings that we gave reiki and crystal energies to right from the start and a batch we started 2 weeks later. It was amazing to see the difference in the speed of growth between the two plants when comparing them at the same growth stage!

Seeing the difference the energies made on the seedlings that received it, we ended up planting all the seedlings (both control and reiki/crystal seedlings) in the garden beds using a special blend of crystals, and gave them regular reiki. We had a bountiful harvest despite encounters with usual garden pests, and will continue this regimen in our gardening pursuits. We’re excited to offer this to our customers and hope that you have the same success that we had. Please keep in mind that while reiki and crystal energies have improved our plants growth and yields, it is not a guarantee. Plants still need proper plant care and maintenance to survive and thrive.

2022 Seedling Variety

Since this is our first year offering this service, we are being conservative and offering a small variety of peppers and tomatoes. Quantities are limited, and are available on a first come, first serve basis. See “How to Order” section below.

Cost is $3.00 per plant.

  • Sweet Rainbow Mix Peppers are a colorful bell pepper mix that produce peppers all season long. Note: peppers start off as either green or brownish purple, the longer you leave them to ripen on the plant you will see them change to shades of yellow, orange, red and purple.
  • Better Boy Hybrid Tomato: plant is indeterminate, meaning it will produce tomatoes all growing season long! Fruits are meaty and medium sized.
  • Easy Sauce Hybrid Tomato: Roma type tomato with dense, meaty fruit with minimal seeds and gel. Determinate fruit, meaning fruits ripen within a short window of each other.

Reiki Recharge Program:

The Reiki Recharge Program is a great way to offer your seedlings additional energetic support as they grow. Plants love Reiki energy! We did this program on our own vegetable plants last year and our tomato and pepper plants did exceptionally well providing us with an abundant harvest.

This program is an additional one time $20 charge for the 2022 season and provides the buyer with the following:

  • Small bag of green moss agate and quartz crystal chips. Take a few of these crystals and place them in the hole you dig for your plant. Green Moss Agate is known to be the crystal of agriculture due to its history of helping farmers produce plants with abundant yields and remarkable growth. Quartz crystal is known to be a master healer stone, and also amplifies the energy of other stones.
  • Monthly distance reiki sessions for June, July, August, and September. The first week of each month we will do a distant reiki session using a current photo of your plants. The photo is important because it allows us to focus the energy onto YOUR plants. Photos are due by the end of each month: May 31st for June session, June 30th for July session, July 31 for August session, and August 31 for September session.

How to order:

  • Send an email to letting us know the variety and quantity you are looking to order. Let us know if you would like to add the Reiki Recharge Program on to your order.
  • We will email you back confirming availability of your order, order total, and provide payment options.

Additional Information:

Plants will be started indoors the end of March/beginning of April. We will harden-off your plants, acclimating them to the outdoor temperatures. We will notify you when your plants are ready for pick-up. This will be determined by weather conditions, but approximate plant pick-up should be beginning to mid May.

Payment is due up front. Should an unforeseen event prevent us from filling your order, a refund will be issued.

Reiki Seedling Sale is only available to customers local to Burlington Township, NJ who are able to pick up their plants. Plants will not be shipped, or delivered.