About StayWonderfull

StayWonderfull started as a blog to promote positivity, inspiration and the idea of “keeping your heart full of wonder”.  Back in January 2017, the name StayWonderfull came to Laurie Walters and immediately she knew that one day it would be more than a blog.  She didn’t know how at the time, but she was excited to see where it would lead.

Over the next two years, Laurie kept an open mindset and tried to experience as many new things as she could and found herself very drawn to various holistic healing modalities. The StayWonderfull blog documents part of her journey.  After witnessing the benefits and unexplainable synchronicities and experiences she was having, Laurie’s husband, Dave Walters, started on his own spiritual/holistic journey. 

“We both believe that everything happens for a reason.  It’s exciting to see that two years later, we both were led to become Reiki III practitioners.  We are very thrilled to offer the benefits of this energy work in a unique way… by offering our clients a 2-on-1 reiki experience.”  -Laurie Walters

Check StayWonderfull’s reiki page for more information.