About StayWonderfull

StayWonderfull is a small holistic business located in Burlington Township, NJ that specializes in 2:1 reiki services.  Laurie & Dave Walters bring a dual energy approach to their unique reiki sessions.

Laurie & Dave are both certified Reiki III practitioners.  Laurie is certified in crystal healing and enjoys incorporating this special Earthen energy into their reiki sessions, as well as creating reiki and crystal infused products for clients.  

Dave has over 40 years experience in the agriculture industry, and continues to expand his knowledge by taking Master gardening classes which he has been using to grow plants for custom blend smudge sticks, and reiki infused vegetables.

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Contact Us:

Laurie: 609-668-1049 / laurie@staywonderfull.com
Dave: 609-668-1048 / dave@staywonderfull.com


Monday – Friday: 6pm – 8pm, by appointment only
Saturday: 10am – 6pm, by appointment only
Sunday: 10am – 2pm, by appointment only