Meet Wondergirl

Hello world!  My name is Laurie.  And yes, that’s me being pulled by a dolphin.  I chose this picture to share with you because it fills my heart with joy.  The beaming smile on my face in this photograph reminds me to live in the present moment; to put aside my worries and fears, grab life by the fins and hold on tight, and above all else enjoy this ride called life.

When I’m not swimming with dolphins (aka my entire life minus one fun-filled hour!),  you will find me creating, pondering, appreciating and/or learning.  There’s also a pretty good chance you will find me on the couch meditating, or snuggled up with my husband and kitties.

I love creating.  When I was a little girl, my dad would play tunes on our keyboard and together we would write and sing our own songs and parodies.  On Sunday mornings we would go on different adventures to local parks where we would be submersed in (and where I developed a deep appreciation for) nature.  During one of these walks he introduced me to photography which developed into another passion of mine.  One of the things I’ve been excited about doing with this site is creating my own inspirational memes using my photography and favorite quotes and song lyrics.

While I have been blessed to have an amazing, inspiring, encouraging father I found the opposite in my mother.  While I didn’t walk away from that relationship unscathed, I realized that those years of my life taught me lessons and ultimately helped develop my strength of character, mind and spirit.

For the last few years I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching.  It started out as a weight loss journey but quickly evolved into a journey of self-discovery.  I learned that I had a lot of healing to do on the inside before I could change the outside; the biggest change being generating self-love.  Learning to love myself completely for who I am right now has been challenging, enlightening and life-changing.

My desire is to share the perspectives I’ve gained through the lessons I’ve learned in the hope that I can bring positivity and offer inspiration to others.